The battle between the ease and convenience of Stock against the tailored nature of Bespoke photography is often a closely fought contest. 

Stock is time efficient, highly accessible and generally cost-effective. But at the same time it's also often clichéd, extremely generic, and rarely the perfect solution. The licensing ramifications regarding royalties can become complex and occasional prohibitive, and increasing frequently, the time that is consumed trailing over page after page of library thumbnails desperately scouring for the ideal image can rack up very quickly too.

This is why we are huge advocates of Bespoke photography. Although there are negative aspects (such as cost and labour intensity) they are far outweighed by the guaranteed uniqueness and in-perpetuity ownership that Bespoke photography offers. Along with the residual digital benefits such as Google and other search engines ranking bespoke content higher for SEO over generic content, Bespoke photography offers an unquestionably viable alternative to Getty, Alamy and iStock.

Take the photo above of some of our team here at SONDR™, it would have been easy to search 'office meeting flip chart' within Shutterstock and have found a similar image, but importantly NOT this image. The ability to literally and figuratively own this image makes it intrinsically ours and therefore adds a huge amount of value to any piece of communication we choose to use it for... even if Mark is pulling a strange face!

To find out more about commissioning and creating your own Bespoke photography, drop us a line here at SONDR™, just don't ask for Mark!

Dan and Ailis
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Daniel Hewlett

Daniel is a multi-award winning, strategically-driven creative director with over sixteen years integrated agency experience in both Europe & AsiaPac.