From an increase in website traffic to an impressive rise in conversion rates, we have seen a significant improvement for all of our clients this Black Friday.

Take one of our case studies as an example (we'll call them 'Client A' for now), who have done particularly well this year with their Black Friday sales. To ensure Black Friday was a successful as possible for them this year, setting out a clear and well-thought-out marketing strategy was essential. This included the planning and implementing the following marketing activities:


Increased Google ads budget


Google ads are an effective way to target the right audience, in the right location, at the right time. For Client A, there was no better time than Black Friday to raise their ads budget to increase the number of clicks and resulting in an increase in website traffic.


Email marketing


Email marketing is a highly effective and inexpensive way to direct traffic to your website and increase conversions. It’s a great way for our clients to reach a large number of existing customers and direct them to specific landing pages. Through email marketing, we have successfully raised awareness of Client A's exclusive Black Friday deals.


Tailored landing pages

We have created and incorporated landing pages for our client, tailored specifically for their Black Friday sale. Having a well-designed landing page (that stands out) is key for converting page visitors into customers. This, as well as using a direct call-to-action (or, CTA, as we like to call it), will help push potential customers into making a final purchase decision.


Take a look at our ‘CTA and Landing Pages Best Practices’ blog for tips on creating a successful landing page.


Website banners


Adding banners to your website is a great way to nudge current page visitors to specific landing pages. In this case, we designed Black Friday banners for Client A's website, navigating visitors to the Black Friday landing page and effectively pushing sales.


Social media campaigns


In case you didn’t know already, social media is incredibly important tool for businesses to attract consumers and drive conversions – especially during Black Friday. For Client A, we focused on both organic and paid ads to promote their exclusive, limited-time offers. To increase website traffic as much as possible, it was important to create engaging social media campaigns to attract followers to landing pages.


Free delivery


Incorporating free delivery on Client A's website was a simple (yet highly effective) way to drive conversions.

These days, a huge 75% of consumers expect free delivery from online businesses (Reviews.IO statistics). Even if you have the best offers on your website, a high delivery fee is enough to put off potential customers, pushing them in the direction of your competitors. By including free delivery, our client has an advantage over competitors and it sets them apart during the busiest time of year.

However, as we anticipated, offering free delivery has resulted in a -32.03% drop in the average order value. This is directly related to having no barrier to entry in terms of delivery cost, and as a result, consumers were purchasing products of a much lower value.


The numbers don't lie


The proof is in the pudding! From our consistent SEO work and effective Black Friday campaigns, our client has achieved increased traffic from search engines, with a huge 94% month-on-month increase. The conversion rate increased by an impressive 26% - a big difference from 4.64% to 5.86%, with the sales revenue across the Black Friday period increasing by a huge 106.18% from the previous month before!


Key tips


It’s important to look back on last year’s marketing strategy and consider what worked for you and what didn’t. Reflecting on this will only help you in the future for your next Black Friday marketing campaign. You can never be ‘too prepared’ for Black Friday – especially with each year getting bigger and even more competitive. The earlier that you get started with planning your marketing strategy, the more likely it will be a success!

If you would like your business to be in a similar position to our client next year, don't waste any time and get in touch with us to start planning your marketing strategy for Black Friday 2021.


Catherine Eaton

After finishing her Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship, Catherine joined our team as a Marketing & Account Executive.