In short, email marketing is absolutely worth it. It’s a great way to directly reach your audience, and if done correctly, it never fails to demonstrate an impressive ROI.

Not only is email great for brand promotion and conversion, one of its best uses includes retention – essentially, it can be used for nurturing your existing customers and ensuring repeat business.

Email marketing is more powerful than ever following developments in techniques and capabilities. Examples of these include automation, personalisation and segmentation which can ultimately help you to target your audience with the most relevant content, offers and discounts.

Ensuring high levels of email deliverability can be complex at the best of times, and this amongst other factors can act as a deterrent for many businesses when it comes to email marketing. But if you’re still not convinced of the benefits, DMA research estimates that every £1 spent on email creates £32 in return - a huge return on investment! Plus, this figure is up from £30.03 in 2016, demonstrating that email marketing is here to stay.

Content is key when it comes to email and is essential when it comes to getting your emails noticed. The below Uber campaign offers an excellent example of eye-catching and innovative content.

So if email marketing isn’t already central to your digital marketing strategy, it’s time to reconsider. With email trends and techniques continually developing, many businesses find it difficult to keep up-to-date, but this is where the team at SONDR™ come in. As experts in the field we are here to help you develop and execute your email marketing strategy to perfection. Contact us on if your business could benefit.


Ailis Campbell

Ailis works directly with clients to guarantee they reach their full potential and are delighted with the service they receive.