A few of our clients have been asking me about the
upcoming changes that Facebook are implementing, so I thought a quick blog
would be the best way to communicate what we know so far. So, as some of you
already know, Facebook have recently announced that they are changing their news feed algorithm and as a result of this, users are to see less branded content from businesses, and more posts from family and friends. The big question is, what does this mean for your brand?

In a nutshell, it means that businesses
have to work harder to reach their customer base and will need to create better
content that will grab the attention of their audience. I appreciate that that
sounds a little vague, so just a few general pointers; we need to make sure
that posts are interesting and not just focused on ‘sell, sell, sell’. Remember, Facebook is a social
network so keep it light with posts such as industry updates, blogs, and even a
‘behind the scenes’ look in to your business. Don’t get me wrong, people want to
see the products and services that you provide, especially if you’re promoting an offer, but we
find that a 70/30 split in favour of social content is an effective balance. However,
no matter how great your content is, as these changes are implemented over the
coming months, we’ll see a decrease
in organic reach – again.

Before the changes have been implemented, we won’t know exactly how this will affect things, but we know that the new
algorithm will spot things like spammy posts as well as repetitive posting e.g.
posting the same thing again and again, or posting at the same time every day
will also have a negative effect on the organic reach, however the ‘Facebook Live’ feature will carry the same
weight (from what we hear), so this is still an excellent way to engage with
your customer base, if you’re brave

In short, Facebook has been
great for organic reach, but like a drug dealer will offer a free taster to get
people hooked, we’re now at the
stage where we’re having to pay for our drugs
(excuse the reference). We can’t ignore the
fact that we’ll all need to dig a little
deeper just to retain the level of engagement that our Facebook page was previously
getting for free. 

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. Your pesky competitors
will have to dig deeper too, so, every cloud.

If you’d like to discuss your social media accounts, just drop
an email to
and we can
have a chat.


Mark Picton

As one of the founders of SONDR®, Mark specialises in managing the online marketing and web services for our clients throughout the UK and Europe.