When it comes to Facebook management, it’s all about engaging your target audience, but once the subject of Facebook management is raised, it tends to raise more questions than answers, and the conversation usually goes something like; “What should we post on Facebook? A blog? Who’s going to write the blog? What will it be about? When should we post it? Should I use hash tags? Should I boost the post? How do I set a specific audience?” and each of those questions can lead to another 10 questions, grrrr – they just keep coming!

So, in the name of true Bristol spirit, we’re sharing the love by putting together 3 of the main things we consider when it comes to Facebook management.

1. What to post.

Content is king. If you have something great to say to your Facebook audience, then that’s awesome. The challenge is keeping connected with your audience, when you’re scratching around for things to say. One of the things we look at is a marketing calendar, and using it to find something relevant to your industry. If you’re a veterinary surgery, you might see that it’s national pet week, or a florist may post about national rose day. Creating visuals of some great reviews you might have hiding away at the bottom of your website is another great reason to talk to your audience. They’re amazing things to have so shout about them! We’ve done this on our own Facebook page but we've added a sample here.

Facebook review post sample.

We’re also regularly asked about hash tags too. In short, less is more with Facebook, in fact the reach of posts have been known to drop by 50% when using more than 4 hash tags on Facebook.


2. When to post.

When to post is an interesting one. When it comes to Facebook management, there are definitely good and bad times of the day to post. Just the difference of an hour can see dramatically different results in the reach of posts. Certain parts of the afternoons tend to work well, but then it varies again at the weekends, and evenings are dependant on the industry you work in (generally sports and entertainment). Facebook own Instagram, but also differ in the best times to post, so if you’re not using automated posting software, then you might just be posting on social media most of the day… and let’s not get started on Twitter. We’ll save that for another day.

I think the message here is to research the best times to post for your industry. Create a 7 day calendar and make a note on each day for the best time and platform to post on. It sounds lame but once you’ve done it, you shouldn’t have to do it again anytime soon – just keep an eye on changing trends every couple of months or so.


3. Who to post to.

Even with ace content, perfectly selected hash tags, and posted at the exact minute for maximum reach, you’ll be lucky to have Facebook show it to more than 20% of your followers. Yes, this seems annoying as they’re YOUR followers, and you want them to see what you’re posting. However, Facebook is a business (and a bloody big one) and now it’s all about boosting posts, and creating ads to reach your audience for Facebook to further monetise their platform. Creating audiences is now more important than ever, and to maximise the power of Facebook it’s important to get these right. Always be sure to spend the time when selecting Facebook audiences as the options in there can be amazingly effective, for e.g. if you’re a jewellers, you could create an advert for wedding rings and only show them to people that have changed their Facebook profile to ‘engaged' in the last 3 months, or a Ferrari dealership could create an advert and only target high earners with an annual income of £150k+.

One of the services we offer is Facebook management and creating content. We can market SONDR on Facebook and specifically target other people who spend over £100 per month on Facebook ads by simply selecting ‘Users who spend £100 or more on Facebook Ads’ – just think about it, if they’re spending money on Facebook, they’re likely to be a marketing manager, business owner, social media manager etc. and they’re the people who we can help!

A little common sense can go along way with Facebook management, but if you simply don’t have the time or inclination to utilise it, we can help. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our social media management services, feel free to contact us.


Mark Picton

As one of the founders of SONDR®, Mark specialises in managing the online marketing and web services for our clients throughout the UK and Europe.