In today’s digital world, being able to connect face-to-face with like-minded people can be somewhat of a rarity. With this in mind, the importance of attending events in the design industry has become ever more apparent. Beyond the mere exchanging of business cards, design events allow us to communicate with fellow creatives on a personal level, whilst absorbing wisdom first-hand from inspiring experts within the industry. Luckily, our recent office move has allowed us to engage with the diverse creative community of Bristol and the wide range of design events it has to offer. Here are a few of our highlights so far…

1.     WEDF PALS – 'Animate It'

Hosted by the West of England Design Forum, 'Animate It' formed part of a series of informal workshops aimed at connecting creatives in the local community. Animation gurus Luke Francis, Lizzie Everard and Katie Cadwell enlightened us with their personal journeys in the industry, before exploring how brands can use motion as a means through which to convey personality and emotion.

2.     Bristol Media – ‘A Dream of the Impossibility of Indifference – A Vision Keynote with Pentagram’s Harry Pearce’

We were privileged to attend this keynote from Pentagram partner Harry Pearce at Bristol Media, who demonstrated how beauty can often be found in the overlooked. It was particularly moving to hear about the rationale behind Pearce’s work, ‘It’s All our Blood’. Created using his own blood to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the poster serves as a poignant reminder that “We all still live under the cloud of what was done, and what could still be done, to us all.” - Harry Pearce

3.    Ladies, Wine & Design – ‘Drink & Draw’­­­­

Founded by US designer Jessica Walsh, Ladies, Wine & Design is a global initiative aimed at fostering female creativity through regular talks, mentorship and meetups. The latest LWD Bristol event was a fun night of drawing and mingling over a glass of wine (or two), all whilst raising money for the local women’s charity One25.

 4.   Glug Bristol – ‘Fresh’

Championing creative communities across the world, Glug is a series of creative talks combined with laid-back networking (or ‘notworking’ as they like to call it). Among the speakers at last month's event in Bristol were Tiny Giant, a quirky agency who combine intelligence with human creativity to achieve things that haven’t been possible before – including the world’s first A.I. cupcakes!


Kyrie Roberts

Kyrie applies her creative flair to various online and offline design-focused projects.