The festive season is one of the most profitable selling periods for many businesses, and with Christmas just 2 months away, now is the time to start optimising your website for Christmas and preparing your festive marketing strategy. We’ve put together some useful, profit-boosting tips to help you prepare.

Optimise Your Website Content

Well thought out, optimised content will get you noticed during the festive period and can improve your rankings on Google. High-quality content can also make all the difference for customers who are deciding whether to buy your products or services or to go with one of your competitors. We suggest you:

Create Seasonal Landing Pages

When it comes to increasing opportunities for conversion, specific landing pages are key. One size certainly doesn’t fit all in this instance, as visitors from one source may only be interested in some of your products or services, whereas visitors from a different source may be interested in something else. By directing visitors to different landing pages that include relevant and topical content, you will be able to improve conversions.

Use on-page calls to action to provide your visitors with a clear direction and consider using countdown timers to remind the customer how many days are left until Christmas – this tactic is a great way to provide a sense of urgency and boost festive conversions.

When it comes to optimising website content, we always recommend you avoid duplicating content from other websites or other parts of your own website as Google might penalise you for this. Unique content is key!  Using informative, descriptive metadata is another great way to get the best out of your content.

Use Keywords

Research your keywords carefully and insert a modest number of these into the copy on your Christmas landing pages. Depending on the type of products or services you sell, you might consider incorporating some festive keywords into the mix. For example,‘Christmas gifts for Dad’. However, beware of using an unnatural number of keywords as this can be penalised by Google.

Display seasonal offers prominently

Offers and discounts are central to most festive marketing strategies, so it is important these are prominently displayed across your website and on your homepage. Some eye-catching artwork with a seasonal twist should do the trick.

Be Mobile Ready

Ensure that all visitors to your website have a good experience by making sure your site is responsive across all devices and remember that fast site speed is essential - especially during the festive period where your customers might be looking for Christmas gifts or services.

Once your website is optimised for Christmas, it’s time to start driving some traffic! Whether that’s through some attention-grabbing Christmas emails or a festive social media campaign – but more on that over in our blog about festive digital marketing.

Remember, we’re here to help you capture and convert all that extra Christmas online footfall. If you’d like some help increasing your festive return, get in touch today.


Ailis Campbell

Ailis works directly with clients to guarantee they reach their full potential and are delighted with the service they receive.