Social Media is undoubtedly a massive part of our culture and that isn’t about to change any time soon. We live in a society where we want to be updated with fresh information on world news, new technologies, the latest brands, new products and the list goes on.

This means competition for businesses is higher than it has ever been to fight for the consumer's attention and a huge part of that has been the development of the online world. Social Media included. With a recent study from Hootsuite in 2019 showing that there are a total of 45 million active social media users and 39 million of those people access social media platforms via their mobile in the UK alone. Not really too surprising eh? But what does surprise us is the amount of businesses who don’t take advantage of such massive platforms to widen their reach to potential audiences.

"45 million active social media users" - Hootsuite

Here are our top 4 reasons as to why you should be dominating social media….


1)   Keeping engaged with your audience

Social media is a great platform for customers to share information, make recommendations, talk about the latest trends so this is the perfect opportunity for you to be part of those conversations.

Traditional media used to be a one-way dialogue however, Social Media is an excellent tool for opening up a two-way conversation which can lead to so many benefits such as…

  • Building relationships and creating bonds by engaging with mutual interests. People are more likely to buy into a brand and stay loyal if they feel connected to them…so get connecting!
  • A more personalised approach to customer service AND a faster way to respond.
  • Keeping on top of the most up to date market research by having regular conversations to find out what your customer base wants now, meaning you can adapt quickly to changing trends!

2)   Increase Brand awareness

The figures don’t lie, your audience is online and a massive group of them are on social media. Give your brand the best chance of being noticed and put yourself at the forefront of where your customers are active. With so much competition you need to make it as easy as possible for consumers to find you.

3)   Credibility

More and more research has shown that before people make a purchase, they will search for your presence online. It’s known that consumers are less likely to trust a brand if they have a limited presence online. Not only that, but using Social Media to share relevant information, answer questions and give advice shows your brand is credible and an expert in the market.

4)   Purchasing decisions are influenced by social media

Sales, sales, sales. It’s reported that roughly 72% of millennials bought fashion or beauty products as a result of Instagram posts. Influencers especially can be a powerful source to start trends and determine what’s cool now. They have built up trust with their audience and perceived as experts whether that be in fashion, new technologies or the latest food trends.

Recommendations. Social Media is a hot spot for people all over the world to be communicating and recommending products and services. Brands can use these platforms to focus on earning referrals and using the power of social media to spread positive word of mouth. Plus, with an estimated 71% of people who are more likely to make a purchase if a product or service is recommended by others, you’d be mad not to get involved!


Outsource your Social Media Marketing

There is so much you can do with Social Media and we know it can be quite overwhelming. Just because you don’t know what to do, that does not mean it can’t be done! A great way to get started is to outsource yourSocial Media marketing which can save you time and money in the long run. Social Media explorer, Adam Torkildon, recently wrote a great piece on why you should outsource your Social Media marketing.

And even better news, this is something we offer here at SONDR. Drop us a line on if you could do with some Social Media help.  


Catherine Eaton

Catherine is responsible for planning, creating and scheduling social media content for our clients.