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We help you leverage the full value of written, multimedia or social content with plans to attract, delight and convert new customers.

We don’t just create content for the sake of it, but instead identify opportunities to improve existing content or build new assets, all with the end result in mind.

Planning, implementation and review, the three easy steps to zen-like contentment.

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The power of visual content

Posted on Mar 05, 2018

The power of visual content

What is the importance of visual content within my marketing strategy?


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‘Content Marketing is king’ is one of the most overused phrases in the industry, but how true is it? Well that depends on the definition of content marketing. Content is a somewhat nebulous word when used in conjunction with websites and digital marketing. We often think of written descriptions, blogs and articles as content. But content is also titles, headings, images, videos, banners, forms, cards, blocks, listings and much more. Pretty much anything that makes up a web page, social post or multimedia asset is content. That open ended definition can prove problematic for digital marketers, but as a full-service agency which offers end to end marketing solutions, it’s always on our minds.  

How can Content Marketing help your business?

Content marketing is a great way to engage new customers who are not already familiar with your brand. People will only read your home, services and about pages and decide to work with you if they have heard of you. Content marketing often involves engaging those customers at the very top of the funnel where you pique their interest about a topic, story, or piece of news and then introduce an already warm lead to your proposition. But content marketing is also a great way to nurture and encourage loyalty in your existing customer base. For example, with our client ToolStoreUK, we have successfully used content marketing to share useful information with DIY and trade audiences about their best-selling brands, new product releases and promotions.

Toolstore UK Website
Toolstore UK Website

Do I need a Content Marketing strategy?

There are many reasons why content works much harder for you when it’s part of a concerted strategy. Not least because if you start scatter-gunning content out with no thought, it’s easy to mix your messages, make faux pas’ and generally look unprofessional. Content marketing is most successful when it’s in sync with the rest of your marketing plans. Here are some things to think about:

  • Using content marketing to rank for long tail keywords
  • Supporting your email comms with content marketing, e.g a newsletter
  • Creating great shareable content for your social channel

We have extensive experience of creating content calendars for integrated marketing campaigns so that you know what to say to your customers and how, long before you need to say it. Calendars can build in important events and seasonality, and so are a critical part of eCommerce content, as well as other verticals. If all your competitors weigh in with their views on the latest developments or trends, and your voice is not heard, then your brand is lost in the crowd.

What about Content Marketing and SEO?

"In short, content marketing is a very powerful way to drive traffic."

With backlinks being a critical part of the Google algorithm, content marketing has only continued to increase in importance for SEOs. Content gives people a reason to link to your business and serves as bait for those juicy backlinks that help you rank above your competitors. Content marketing also allows you to target keywords that you can’t normally go after in your digital offering. In short, it’s a very powerful way to drive traffic and, when done correctly, can have lasting results which drip feed a steady stream of enquiries and leads into your performance funnel. Visit our SEO service page for more information.

What do I need to make Content Marketing work?

Content always needs to be high quality, original and engaging to succeed. A good piece of content marketing is thoroughly planned in advance, researched, executed and edited by experienced professionals. Have a plan in place to track and measure the success of the content before it goes live, otherwise you won’t know if it’s worth repeating or not. Sometimes your content will succeed without following this process, but that’s just a case of being lucky rather than good. We can put together a fully considered plan which takes luck out of the equation.

What about Video Content Marketing?


Video should play a big part in anyone’s marketing mix these days. We can create attention grabbing video shorts, or more in-depth pieces depending on your requirements. Visit our Video service page for more information.

Is Content Marketing PR?

Not necessarily. Although there is some crossover between the two, content marketing doesn’t need to necessarily involve third party publications such as newspapers and magazines. You can create great content on your own blog or YouTube channel and find the appropriate channels to seed it out with. Other popular types of content marketing are infographics (great for attracting inbound links), podcasts (very fashionable at the moment) and thought leadership pieces.

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