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First impressions count and nothing will come under greater scrutiny than the images, video and multimedia content on your website or social channels.

Blurry, boring or bland won’t cut it, and you risk losing that customer forever.

We can manage the entire creative process for you, from booking the shoot location, to ensuring a successful outcome in the right digital and print channels to attain international stardom.

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A picture is worth a thousand words...

Posted on May 02, 2018

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Bespoke Photography vs Stock Imagery. An age old question, answered... well, sort of.


Our Specialists 

Meet SONDR's Photography & Videography team:

Daniel Hewlett

Daniel is a multi-award winning, strategically-driven creative director with over sixteen years integrated agency experience in both Europe & AsiaPac.


Kyrie Roberts

Kyrie applies her creative flair to various online and offline design-focused projects.


We are a trusted video and photography provider with a number of satisfied clients across the UK. We draw on a wealth of experience, with successful artistic projects shot far and wide, in down-to-earth and exotic locations.

We create end-to-end multi-media solutions to engage all types of audiences in any vertical that you require. Some of our most compelling and successful video projects have been for client competitions, capturing happy customers for moments that will make your brand live long in the memory. Our photography projects draw on a network of professional and creative photographers and model agencies, bringing together the right expertise to lift any brief into a creative concept and execute it flawlessly.

Why photography and videography is crucial


Photography and videography will likely be the most engaging content on your digital channels. In this age of short attention spans people don’t want to waste time.


Where SONDR® excels is in our end-to-end approach. It’s no good creating an excellent video or image if no-one sees it. Our integrated digital campaigns can construct an audience which is receptive to your message, and reach them on their preferred channels.

Part of what makes us stand out is our commitment to always being at the forefront of the latest digital trends. The ways people consume content are constantly changing, as are the aims of the biggest content providers and platforms. Whether it’s Instagram stories, the Reuters Connect News marketplace or Facebook’s new Watch video platform, your audience will have a preferred way of accessing and engaging with content, and it’s our job to know what that is.


Our photography offering encompasses clients’ full remit of needs – from budget management and location and talent hire, to art direction, styling and production. Whether you need images for print or digital, we’ll help you craft the perfect picture and also ensure it’s the right fit.


We love to work collaboratively to create a really inspiring multimedia project. However, we also know that some clients don’t have much time to devote to their marketing and want us to lead the way. Either way, a video project will start with storyboards to visually represent what the finished product might look like. That way everyone knows exactly what to expect and there are no nasty surprises, as well as crucially ensuring that everything remains on brand with no tangents. There are pre-production and post-production phases on either side of the filming which gives us a nice structure to work with,  and allow for feedback at every stage of the process.


Editing is the most important step in the videography process. A badly edited video will shed viewers along the way, often before they have had the chance to digest your most important messages. Editing is also crucial for digital channel delivery. Some of the most popular ads on YouTube are now the six second bumper ads, and the only way to communicate with impact in such a short time frame is with thorough editing. Editing is also important long before the video is shot. We can help you to make your video script as succinct as possible, with no wasted words. We use a state-of-the art video editing suite to polish your video.

Graphics and animation

Animation is an incredibly popular aspect of video, and a great way to make your brand feel relatable without having to spend money and time on organising shooting locations and actors. The other great benefit of animation is that the only limit is your imagination. SONDR® has a great deal of in-house expertise and would love to work on your animation project with you.


The audio production on your videos is crucial. We work with voice over artists or sound engineers where necessary to make your video pitch perfect.

Creating a cohesive look for your brand

Here at SONDR® we favour bespoke photography. A project can easily stand or fall on the imagery and going the low-cost route with free stock photography can make your brand look cheap. That said - we know how hard it is to find cost effective imagery and will work with you within any constraints to deliver visual excellence.  


Considering the needs of your audience is always paramount to us and we can ensure that your video has subtitles, translations, or whatever is needed to meet accessibility guidelines.

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