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CTA and Landing Pages Best Practices

Posted on Sep 06, 2019

CTA and Landing Pages Best Practices

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are an essential part of a conversion path used in your website, alongside landing pages to guide users towards your goal conversion. It is because of this that they need to be so carefully considered. In this article, we will run through why CTAs and landing pages are so important and best practices for creating and monitoring them.


Our Specialists 

Meet SONDR's Web Development & Hosting team:

Amy Daynes

Amy has years of experience merchandising online, and creating valuable content for on and offline customer experiences.


We design, build, host and maintain websites of all shapes and sizes, from consumer facing eCommerce websites, to B2B service driven websites. We help businesses connect with their customers in the most effective way. Whatever your business goals, we’re able to design and build a website that will bring your brand to life.

In an ever-changing landscape across a range of industries, it’s impossible to create a formula for successful design. Each website we create is bespoke, and our experienced design team is able to create a friction-less user experience, giving your business the best chance of converting your website traffic into new customers.

Scoping your project

Scoping your project is so key to successful delivery.Without an agreed scope, what the client wants and what the agency delivers can be two very different things. Our agreement will clearly state what is in and out of scope, so that you get value for money on what you’ve paid for and we can deliver your project on time.

Content Management Systems

Our clients almost always want an easy to use content management system (CMS). A CMS based website means that once we build the site for you, and teach you how to use it, you’re not dependent on us anymore for simple content changes. It reduces the need for costly and complex development and makes you independent from your marketing agency.

All of the websites that we build have a CMS that enables you to have full control over your content. Some of the popular CMS' that we work with are Wordpress, Webflow & Shopify. We also partner with a specialist eCommerce agency to be able to provide our clients with a bespoke front and back end solution for their eCommerce business.

Wordpress, Webflow and Shopify
Wordpress, Webflow and Shopify CMS's

A mobile first approach to Web Design and Build

Leading with a ‘mobile first’ approach in an eCommerce build is vital, and all of our websites are fully responsive to desktop, mobile and tablet. However, we’ll always do our research to ensure that your website is built with a leading device in mind, as some B2B websites can be much more weighted in favour of desktop traffic.  Responsive design is a key way to ensure that your website content effortlessly renders on all devices and all screen sizes. It’s essentially a customer focused approach.

"We predict that by 2021, over 62% of online sales will take place on a mobile device"

Wireframing and Site Architecture

This is essentially the logical part of your web build –what goes where and why. What’s the structure and hierarchy? How is everything connected? We aim to create an initial wireframe of the website structure, and this acts as another phase in the process where we can catch anything that hasn’t been thought of, or which would add extra value. Wireframing is a pre-design phase, just showing the bare bones of the site before we make it look pretty.

The other great benefit of architecting your site is making it SEO friendly. We check that there’s no duplicate categories, and that the titles you have chosen for your sections match the words which people enter into search engines.

Styling and Visuals

With an agreed wireframe it’s time to put meat on the bones and make your website look beautiful. This is the stage at which we infuse it with your brand identity and the agreed visual style. Some food for thought here is choosing your fonts, styles, imagery etc.

Up & Over Doors Website

The Web Development Phase

Once we know exactly what the site will look like and how it will be structured, we get to work building it with CSS and HTML. This involves putting together the coding touches which make everything work perfectly when clicked,such as forms, links, pagination and drop downs. Building a website is like building a house. There are often extra touches that people want to add at the last minute which can delay the product. We work to a tight schedule and budget, but also aim to accommodate our clients in whichever way we can.


We build everything, then conduct an intensive period of testing to make sure it all works as it should. The key is to be rigorous and put your site through robust tests – try and break it in fact. Testing ensures that the site works and renders as it should on all devices and browsers, and that we can track and report on what we need to. If you had an old site and are conducting a site migration, then we’d create and test 301 redirects so that there are no broken pages in the Google index.

Web Hosting and Maintenance

Boring but important. You need your site hosted on a secure,reliable and trusted hosting provider. We provide affordable hosting which ticks all of the boxes. We also recommend that clients sign up to a maintenance package which means that bugs can be fixed, and small changes can be made where necessary. No matter how well your site is built, it’s tech and all tech breaks at certain points. This also protects you during server maintenance and software updates.

Web Launch & Continuous Improvement

You have a shiny new website. It feels like you’ve reached the end of a long road and deserve a cold beer or glass of wine. You do. But then tomorrow brings new challenges. Websites are never finished. Your competitors will be constantly making improvements and so should you.

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At SONDR® we work with all types of businesses and individuals to create stunning bespoke websites which are results-focused.

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