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We created and now manage the CAS Facebook page to help them connect with their market through more modern methods.


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CAS are a well-established agricultural company based in Halsall, Merseyside. Formed in 1988, CAS have developed a well-respected name in their industry and are still looking to increase awareness of the CAS brand across the North West. One of the ways we are helping them do this is through social media, as many farmers and agricultural workers are now using Facebook. This helps CAS to advertise career opportunities, agricultural events, and offer updates on industry regulations.

CAS Facebook Posts - Laptop & Mobile
CAS Facebook Posts - Laptop & Mobile

Brief CAS has a strong presence in their market place, however they hadn't adopted social media in anyway. With their appetite to connect with new customers of all age ranges, including the young farmers of the future, they needed a Facebook page to bridge that gap.

Solution It's quite rare for a company to be without a business Facebook page, but as we learned, agriculture is quite different to other industries. With this in mind we built a page, including setting all of the layout, the call to actions (Call Now), language options, profanity filters etc. Once we had done this, we created the artwork including the Facebook header above and then had the page verified by Facebook, with the official business grey tick.

The next step was to liaise with CAS to establish their short term goals for the coming months, which was primarily to recruit new staff members from across the North West. We built new landing pages on their website to showcase the vacancies, and then built bespoke posts, (including creating original artwork) and set these posts to drive traffic to the website. We also implemented the use of the hashtag #UnearthYourPotential.

Result Within the first two weeks of setting up the CAS Facebook page, they had over 150 likes and had their job posts shown almost 20,000 times within a 12 mile radius, to a very defined audience. There have been various messages and enquires sent through the Facebook page, and it has been a great success that is set to continue.

CAS Facebook handle with authenticated tick.


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