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We created an international SEO strategy for iO Associates® US expansion in Tampa, Florida


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iO Associates® already had a UK online presence and needed to make this site distinct from their US offering. iO Associates® is the cloud technology staffing arm of PRG, which recruits the highest calibre of permanent and contract talent across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Because iO Associates® already had an online presence with a newly launched website to support their engineering, tech and digital resourcing services in Bristol, we were asked to formulate an international SEO strategy.

We worked in conjunction with PRG’s marketing team and development agency to ensure that all SEO tasks in the lead up to the iO Associates Tampa launch were completed efficiently, as well as the crucial post launch checks.

This included:

• Language tags

• Sitemap submission

• Indexation

• & much more

The result of the project was that US site came top for search queries originating from North America, while the UK site continued to rank at the top of search engines here in Britain. We were able to see a smooth transition of site traffic with the new launch and then look forward to the other collaborations scheduled with PRG this year.

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