Nathan Furniture Market Research

Nathan Furniture are a UK-based manufacturer of high quality teak furniture. With over 100 years of manufacturing history, they have strong brand recognition with their primary target market. Nathan Furniture engaged the team at SONDR® to carry out an in-depth marketing research study into emerging demographic and psychographic audiences, on and offline consumer behaviour, as well as the direction the industry is currently taking and its potential future direction.


Nathan Furniture


Research & Recommendations

As the past few years have proven, we live in a time of ever shifting market conditions for many industries, including furniture manufacturing. With issues ranging from supply chain problems, distribution short-falls, raw material price fluctuations, differing consumer trends and even staff recruitment shortages.

To fully understand these marketing conditions, Nathan Furniture engaged SONDR® to carry out a detailed analysis and recommendations project to ensure the decisions being made internally were informed, considered and aligned with influences externally. The recommendations provided within the research will allow Nathan Furniture to take advantage of, and prepare for, the opportunities and challenges it may face in the future thus guaranteeing it will be as successful in the coming 100 years as it has been for the last.

*Due to the nature of the content created for this project the image below is for illustration purposes only.

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