TriathlonGuard Ironman Campaign

TriathlonGuard is part of Thistle Insurance, a specialist insurer of cycling, music, photography and much more. Whether commuter, amateur road cyclist or seasoned professional they have a policy to suit.


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TriathlonGuard wanted to engage more with its audience and capitalise on the enjoyment and competitive nature of the sport it insures. Having British pro-triathlete Harry Wiltshire as its current brand ambassador (who was about to compete in the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon in Kona) gave the perfect opportunity to get people excited and engaged in what can traditional be considered a conservative market.

Brief Insurance is traditionally seen as a distressed purchase, no one wants to buy it but you just kind of have to. TriathlonGuard wanted to change that attitude by offering added social content to engage with their customers across the year rather than just at policy renewal time.

Solution Harry Wiltshire was already TriGuard's brand ambassador but his notoriety hadn't been fully realised. He was about to compete in the Ironman in Hawaii so the strategy of using his full potential across social media channels leading followers to a bespoke landing page was agreed. Videos, tweets and blogs were all used to build up a content bank that was published over the triathlon for TriGuard customers to view and comment upon.

Result Although Harry didn't quite achieve the podium finish he was looking for, TriGuard were more than happy to re-engage its audience, showcase its products and sell more than a few policies along the way.

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